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Program Information

The RFO Program Overview

The RFO Program InformationAll patients are required to complete an application and return it prior to the first clinic appointment.

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Receiving the applications in advance is essential in providing the various staff members with necessary patient medical and health history information to start patients on an individualized diet regimen on the initial visit.

The first clinic visit will be lengthy since the patient will undergo orientation to the program and medical professionals will be collecting:

  • Anthropometrical data (height, weight, BIA/body composition)
  • Biochemical data (blood drawn for laboratory tests)
  • Clinical data (physical examination, blood pressure, EKG)
  • Dietary data (weight history, current eating habits, food preferences)

The RFO program offers several dietary regimens from which to design and/or modify individualized weight loss choices. Patients may change regimens with the dietitian at any time depending upon individual goals and personal progress.


Program Information
Reducing Caloric Intake
Physical Activity
Behavior Modification
Major Dietary Programs
Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)
Modified Very Low Calorie Diet (MVLCD)
Low Calorie Diet (LCD)
Maintenance Program
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